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Custom Wax Carving & Design Services To The Trade

Custom Designing for Jewelry Stores, Galleries,

Manufacturing Firms and other Designers

Since 1990

We can create a hand carved wax master of exquisite detail for you to manufacture or we can ship you the finished jewelry ready to put in your case or deliver into the hands of your waiting customer.


If you are a designer and find that you want or need a custom designed, hand carved component to compliment or complete your designs, we can be of assistance. 


Manufacturing Firms

Whatever you manufacture, from Fine Jewelry to Costume Jewelry, Buttons to Designer Chocolates, we have the design know-how, carving expertise and manufacturing experience to create masters which meet the exacting specifications required for efficient and cost effective production.


We are dedicated to and experienced in fulfilling the often vague yet demanding desires of one-of-a-kind retail jewelry customers as well as meeting the specific and exacting standards required for efficient quality manufacturing.
"I have worked with Jane for several years and have found her to be skilled at both production and custom wax work.  She has a keen sense of design and possesses exceptional artistic abilities.  Jane is able to display her concepts in detailed sketches - making it easy for clients to visualize.  Upon approval, she skillfully transforms designs into precision wax carvings that produce quality jewelry with a beauty that only hand-carved wax can produce. We've been able to minimize production time by using the internet to send sketches and photos.  Jane is enjoyable, flexible and easy to work with."   Nancy Kiesewetter - Diamond Ridge Jewelry





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