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        "In my jewelry collection I have a number of items designed by Jane Guerber. My favorite piece is the gold broach with an Opal stone that she custom designed for me. It was a time of great change and loss in my life. I wanted a piece of ornamentation that gave expression to the enduring elements in my life.  Jane was able to transform my story into a design and craft a broach that holds great meaning for me and will be an heirloom for future generations."  - Renee L. Nelson


        My association with Jane Guerber and her husband goes back to when I taught their son in my preschool class. So when it came time for my fiancé and me to choose our wedding ring set we were fortunate to be able to turn to Jane to get exactly what we wanted within our budget (including matching sapphires in just the right color). We found a design already in her line that appealed to us, and Jane modified it to fit our desires. The customized rings were the perfect marriage of beauty and practicality we wanted.  Alas, the rings were so perfect, in the end; they brought me more joy than the marriage. Fortunately, Jane assures me when I finish with grad school I can recycle her original creation into something just for me.

                                                          Thank you Jane! - Love, Emily (aka "Auntie Em")


        Jane Guerber is amazing.  I had a family heirloom engagement set that I wanted to have recreated in a more modern style for my wedding.  Not only did she do an incredible job but she worked with my fiancé without my knowing to design the perfect thing!  I am thrilled and so impressed with her talent and attention to detail!!! -  A.A. San Clemente CA


        I always knew that I didn't want the traditional diamond ring.  So, being an artist, I wanted to have something unique and "me."  I am very intriqued by the moon and my husband knew that I really loved moonstones.  I approached Jane with the idea of me creating a drawing that she could interpret into  a 'one of a kind' gold ring.   After exchanging sketches and ideas, we collaborated on a moonstone that looks like it is surrounded by clouds.  By the time my husband paid for the ring, I had a child and Jane added a diamond as a star in the clouds.  It is more than I could have hoped because it is an original design with a lovely addition. I have had many great comments on it and am thrilled with the outcome. -  Joan Burkart PA


          Although, as an artist, I've always appreciated the aesthetics and craftsmanship of fine jewelry, I've never gone into it much for myself. I've never felt the desire for adornment for its own sake; if I wear an item of jewelry, it's because I want it to have some personal value or meaning beyond its artistry. When my wife and I made plans for our wedding, we decided we wanted rings to consecrate our commitment and love. I had never worn a ring of any kind, and we both wanted these to be special. We agreed we wanted the rings to be fashioned out of gold, and after considerable discussion of possible gemstones, we decided we wanted the fire opal, as a symbol of the quality of our relationship, to be part of the rings. 

        We brought this information to Jane and asked her to design a pair of rings for us. She first pointed out that opals are fairly soft stones, and might be easily damaged by the everyday wear a wedding ring endures, and she suggested the incorporation of a moonstone to protect the opal, and possibly lend its fire a dreamlike quality. We agreed, and Jane went to work.

        The rings were delivered shortly before our wedding... and we were stunned. They were beyond anything we had imagined in their simple elegance and beauty. A circular well in the gold band held the fire opals, whose flashing colors acquired a pearlescent glow from the moonstones set above them. We couldn't have been more thrilled.

        My wife and I will celebrate the twentieth anniversary of our marriage this September, and my ring has virtually never left my finger. I wear it proudly for the love and commitment it represents, but also for its shear beauty. Hardly a week passes without a stranger asking about it. Over the years I've thanked Jane many times for the artistry and craftsmanship she lovingly incorporated into our rings, and it gives me great pleasure, twenty years later, to thank her again.

        Gary Newman

           Sebastopol, CA


        We loved working with Jane. She did an amazing job of creating exactly what we wanted through telephone conversations! Not only did she create beautiful rings, she was warm and thoughtful. It was very special and an honor to have her make our engagement ring and wedding bands. I could not recommend Jane and her company more as artist and a jeweler.

Suzy & Steven - Portland OR


        I have a Jane L Guerber created ring for all the important turning points in my life.  Jane is a most talented jeweler.  She pays meticulous attention to detail and works tirelessly to create the exact image that her clients want. Jane has worked with me on many creations over the years and each of them are stunning works of artistry.  My Bear & Feather ring is the latest piece that Jane created for me.  The attention to detail is stunning.  She indeed merges her love and care with her client's vision. - Linda B. Ohio


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