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Jane L Guerber . Com Is Home To Three Businesses

Interconnected By Marriage and Partnership

Jane L Guerber ~ Timeless Jewels Was founded in 1975 To produce one of a kind custom commissions and the artist's designer line of fine jewelry.

JLG Designs Was founded in 1990 To provide design and master wax carving services to Manufacturers, Designers, Jewelry Stores and Galleries.

Martin Douglas Kilmer ~ Fine Body Adornment Was founded in 1973 to produce one of a kind sculptural neckpieces and museum quality bead work. For more on MDK ~ Fine Body Adornment


Jane L Guerber is the principle behind both Timeless Jewels and JLG Designs

Martin Kilmer is the managing partner for both business


Timeless Jewels - Return Policy

Jane L Guerber  ~     Artist Statement                   History

"A Quest For Perfection" – Alice Scherer’s 1997 ORNAMENT MAGAZINE article about my collaboration with my husband Martin Douglas Kilmer

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