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Timeless Jewels is my collection of jewelry – Rings, pendants and earrings inspired by natural design forms both ancient and iconic as well as from my own personal world.

Many of the design forms and motifs found in classical architecture were derived from flora and fauna as well as the 4 elements. In my “From the Archives” line I revisit those iconic architectural design motifs as well as those distilled from small personal antiquities in my collection such as buttons.

My “From the Garden” line is a more distilled and close up view of some inspiring plant forms from my personal world: stem, branch, leaf, bud, flower and seed pod as well as insects and animals occasionally. Inspired by a Japanese sense of detail, isolation and concentration on an object to fully understand and appreciate its form.  The Art Nouveau artists were also important to me as a young designer with their similar dedication to nature in its pure form and to line, flow and texture as well as their use of gems and carved glass in jewelry.

JLG Designs is my design service for other jewelers, manufacturers and stores. I have many decades of experience designing and carving master models for companies across the country. I both design and hand-carve wax models for custom (one off) use or to be cast and molded for production manufacturing. I have designed and created models and molds for gold, platinum, silver, pewter and even chocolate production. I also now design for CAD (computer aided design) manufacturing as well as still creating models by hand and am able to add detail, texture and line to the models which can be difficult to fully achieve with the CAD engineering process.

R-FLR-14Y (1069) Fern Leaves & Flowers Ring w Flush Set Red Saph & Diam Melee.jpg
P-OK-14Y (1163) Custom Pearl Enhancer Pendant w Leaf Clusters Rhodalite & Diams.jpg
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